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The Excel V (IE-300)
Japanese Microwater Ionizer


This model is no longer available.
Please consider the IE-400 or IE-500

Replacement Filters
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Cleaning Cartridge
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Faucet Diverters
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Alkaline Water Test Kit
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Alkaline Water Benefits

Replacement Filters | Cleaning Cartridge | Alkaline Water Ionizers

The Excel-V Microwater (IE-300) ionizer is made in Japan by Impart Group also called Thohan Kiden. The management and engineers at Impart ran Toyo. Toyo sold its technology to Enagic and then formed the Impert Group. With the exception of a new and improved mother board and a slick new outer casing, the Excel-V Microwater is designed with the identical internal components of the legendary Pure Porte II Microwater ionizer.  Please review the product specification below or to place you order. The Excel-V Microwater Ionizer is also called IE-300. With the new and improved mother board, the Excel-V is the best choice for people with wells; however depending on the level of hardness well owners may still need to get a pre-filter. This goes for anyone with a well.

IE-300 Microwater Features

• Alkaline water - 3 operation modes (pH 8.5~9.5)
• Acidic water (pH 5.5~6.5)
• Clean, non-electrolyzed water
• ORP range -100 to -300
• Multi-function display
• Easy push button operation
• Built-in temperature sensor
• Microcomputer monitored flow rate
• Automatic self-cleaning electrolysis chamber
• Granular antibacterial activated charcoal filter
• Platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates

*Note: All pH levels are approximate, ±0.25 depending on local water supply and flow rate.

New Optional Cleaning Cartridge:
We now have available the same cleaning cartridge used by the Enagic Leveluk water ionizers. See below for details:

IE-300 Product Specification

  • High-end components

  • Wall Mountable Option

  • New custom designed mother board and new industrial grade components to CONSISTENTLY output highly charged water under variable hardness conditions.

  • Sensitive Design Inlet Water Pressure from just 2 to 42 lbs. per square inch.

  • High Water Flow Output: Up to 1 gallon + a minute.

  • Power Protection: 3 Amp Reset Breaker Switch.

  • Charcoal Filter for a family of four for one year

  • Hot water alert: In-built.

  • Optimal Electrode Performance Using 2 Chamber Inlets.

  • Electrode Cleaning: Continuous water-flow mode with indicator lamp.

  • Product Delivery: Stainless Steel Tube.

  • High-Pressure Relief Valve

  • Change Cartridge Indicator

  • Size: height = 11.9", width = 10.6", depth = 5.5"

  • Weight: 11.5 lbs or 5.2 kilograms

  • Power: 120V. (Also 100V, 110V, 220V) 1.3 Amps. 120 Watts.

  • Electrolysis Chamber: Pure Titanium with Platinum Coating.

  • 30 Day money back return policy



IE-300 Microwater Ionizer

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IE-300 Microwater Ionizer         


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IE-300 Replacement Cartridge Filters

We have many filters for you to choose from

Cleansweep Cartridge Filter - details


Out of Stock

IEC-8000 Cartridge Filter - details


Out of Stock

HIGH Performance Cartridge Filter  - details        


PREMIUM Performance  Cartridge Filter - warning


ULTRA Performance Cartridge Filter - warning


FREE & Fast Shipping for orders over $100.00

Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge

Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge - details



Professional Electrolysis Cleaning

If your IE-300 Microwater Ionizer is not making alkaline water after using one or two cleaning cartridges, or your machine is clogged to the point where no water is flowing out of it, then your machine needs to be professionally opened an cleaned. The initial charge is $75.00. When your machine is completed in the professional cleaning service, we will notify you and then send you a shipping charge. For more information please contact us.

Professional Electrolysis Cleaning



Faucet Diverters For IE-300

Metal (Pull out) Faucet Diverter


Metal (lever type) Faucet Diverter


Original Plastic Faucet Diverter


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 Inlet & Outlet Hoses

White Plastic Inlet Hose without quick connect


Gray Plastic Outlet Hose without quick connect


Out of Stock


Flexible Metal Discharge Hose

Flexible Metal Discharge Hose



Alkaline Water pH Test Kit

Alkaline Water pH Test Kit  - details



Replacement Filterss | Cleaning Cartridge | Alkaline Water Ionizers

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