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  The New
IE-500 MicroWater Ionizer

With IEC-8000 Cartridge Filter

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Alkaline Water Benefits

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The IE-500 comes from the same people who produces the expensive Kangen water ionizers. It is sturdy, reliable, stylish, and has a nicer display center than the IE-400. The IE-500 has high quality platinum/titanium electrodes and uses the same type of cartridge filter used in the expensive Leveluk SD501. It is made in Japan by Impart Group.

If you are looking for a great mid-range and stylish Japanese water ionizer that you can rely on for several years of service then you should consider the IE-500. It is not as powerful as the IE-900, but more robust than the IE-400. It has an ultra modern design that will make you eager to show it off to your visitors. Don't forget to tell them where you got it from! It looks almost identical to the IE-900 but with a see through blue cover. Beautiful is the only word to describe it. The IE-500 doesn't produce the super acid water like its big brother the IE-900, but it provides more information than the IE-400 with its beautiful three color LCD screen.

The IE-500 may not be feature rich like some of the more recent water ionizer models, but it reliably delivers what it promises. This is one thing you will notice from the Japanese models even the very expensive Leveluk SD501, they are based on a more simple design that is focused on quality and performance. In fact the more features a product tend to have is the more likely is it to malfunction. The IE-500 has great functions but it is not driven by them as much as it is driven by its ability to reliably make alkaline water.

Quick Feature Overview

Alkaline water - 3 operation modes (pH 8.5~9.5)
Acidic water (pH 5.5~6.5)
Purified, non-electrolyzed water
Multi-function display
Easy push button operation
Built-in temperature sensor
Microcomputer monitored flow rate
Automatic self-cleaning electrolysis chamber
Granular antibacterial activated charcoal filter
Platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates

*Note: All pH levels are approximate, 0.25 depending on local water supply.

New Optional Cleaning Cartridge:
We now have available the same cleaning cartridge used by the Enagic Leveluk water ionizers. See details below:

IE-500 Product Specification

  Model No. IE-500
  Power Source AC 120V 50-60Hz
  Power Consumption 160W (Standby under 1W)
  Function Screen Three color LCD - Flow rate, pH and ORP
  Medical Equipment Authorization # 21500BZZ00213000
Size in inches W 10.58 in. x H 11.81 in. x D 5.5 in.
Size in millimeters W 270mm. x H 300mm x D 140mm
Weight 3.2 Kg
  Water Supply Connection Direct faucet mount (countertop)
  Electrolysis Method Continuous generation (with built-in flow sensor)
Throughput Alkaline 3.5L/min.
Acidic 1.5L/min.
Electrolysis Settings
Alkaline Mode 1 - pH 8.5~9.0
  Mode 2 - pH 9.0~9.3
  Mode 3 - pH 9.3~9.5
Acidic            - pH 5.5~6.5
Purified Non-ionized but purified 
Continuous Runtime 30 minutes
Electrolysis Chamber Cleaning Method Auto cleaning (30 seconds after use ends)
IEC-8000 Filter Material Granular activated charcoal
Capacity 12,000L
  Water Pressure 0.05 MPa~0.5MPa
  Electrolysis Cell 3 Large Platinum coated titanium plates
  Water Temperature Maximum 104F
  Safety Features Over-current, over-voltage, water temperature
  Warranty One year

IE-500 Microwater Ionizer

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IE-500 Microwater Ionizer 120V


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Replacement Cartridge Filter

We have many filters for you to choose from

Ultra Premium Filter



HIGH Performance Cartridge Filter - details        


PREMIUM Performance  Cartridge Filter - details


ULTRA Performance Cartridge Filter - details


Calcium Flakes 15g (comes with a new IE-500)


FREE & Fast Shipping for orders over $100.00

Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge

Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge - details



Professional Electrolysis Cleaning

If your IE-500 Microwater Ionizer is not making alkaline water after using one or two cleaning cartridges, or your machine is clogged to the point where no water is flowing out of it, then your machine needs to be professionally opened an cleaned. The initial charge is $75.00. When your machine is completed in the professional cleaning service, we will notify you and then send you a shipping charge. For more information please contact us.

Professional Electrolysis Cleaning



Faucet Diverters For IE-500

Metal (Pull out) Faucet Diverter


Metal (lever type) Faucet Diverter


Original Plastic Faucet Diverter


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 Plastic Inlet & Outlet Hoses

White Plastic Inlet Hose without quick connect


Gray Plastic Outlet Hose without quick connect


Out of Stock


Flexible Metal Discharge Hose

Flexible Metal Discharge Hose


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Alkaline Water pH Test Kit

Alkaline Water pH Test Kit - details




Replacement Filters | Cleaning Cartridge | Alkaline Water Ionizers

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