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Return Policy

Alkaline Water Ionizers
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We at are consumed with satisfying all its customers. This is why we carry only quality products in the first place. The advanced alkaline water ionizers that we carry is an example of our focus on high quality products. Our return policy is designed to be fair all involved. We will give you 60 days to determine if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of any of our alkaline water ionizers. Should you decide to return an ionizer a restocking fee will be deducted from your refund amount. The restocking fee  will be  equivalent to the cost of the replacement cartridge filter plus the cost we incurred in shipping the unit to you. If the water ionizer was never hooked up and no water was ever run through the unit then the customer would not be charged for filter replacement.

Repackaging & Shipping Instructions

In the rear event of a return we kindly ask you to repackage the unit using the original box and packaging materials and notify us of your decision to return by email. We will then give you the address you need to send it to. Also if water was run through the machine the replacement filter must be removed and the hoses be properly drained before the ionizer is placed in the box. You can keep the filter as we will have no use for it. Your money will be refunded as soon as we receive of the returned item (less the cost of the filter plus the cost  of shipping the unit to you. The cost of the return shipping will be bourn by the customer. If you did not run water through the unit then you will not be charged for the filter. 

Warranty Information

All our Japanese water ionizers come with a one year manufacturer's warranty.  The Korean ionizers such as the Orion, and the Aquarius come with 5 year manufacturer's warranty. The Life Ionizer comes with a five year warranty. Please read the product specification on each unit for the warranty details of each system. 

Shipping Cost

All shipping costs incurred by for any product shipped are non-refundable. If, for example, you purchased a product, but did not pay shipping, please note that still had to pay shipping in order to get that item to you. In the event that you wanted to return any such item an amount equivalent to the shipping and handling cost we incurred will be deducted from your refund amount.

Replacement Filters

As you might have guessed all replacement cartridge filters are non-refundable. This includes all replacement filters for all alkaline water ionizers, shower filters, and whole house water filters. Replacement filters are a consumable item and we are not able to resell them.

Nutritional Supplements

We will refund you the cost of any unopened bottle of supplements within 30 days of purchasing. As stated before all shipping costs are non-refundable, so any shipping and handling cost we incurred in shipping the product to you will be deducted from your refund amount. 

We trust that you will find our return policy to be reasonable and acceptable. We intend to strike the right balance because we plan to be a viable operation that will be there to serve you for several years to come. Please tell your friends and family about this site.


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