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Chlorine Test Solution
Alkaline Water pH (reagent) Test Kit
pHion pH Test Strips
Urine & Saliva Test Paper
$12.95 or less
What Is In Your Water? Do you have Heavy Metals In You?
Watersafe City Water Test Kit
Watersafe Well Water Test Kit
Heavy Metal Test Kits
Professional Heavy Metal Test
Water Hardness Test Kit
  Hanna pH/ORP/Temp Meter
Hanna ORP Meter
Digital pH Checker Tester
Primo 3 TDS Meter
Fluoride Test Kit
Mini Fluoride Checker Test

The advent of the alkaline water ionizer has created the new scientific consumer; demanding water ionizers that perform like a racing car. Your results in this business has a lot to do with the tools you use. Our reagent alkaline test kit is the best. One customer told us that they prefer the ones we have, and we were shocked. Its made in Japan if that makes a difference. We were not aware that there was a difference. Oxygen Reduction Potential ORP is another sought after figure. Using the right tool makes all the difference. Hanna Instruments is a veteran in this business and makes an excellent product. If your water comes from a well or some untreated source, it is more important to know what is in your water. WaterSafe Drinking Water Test kit is perfect for testing your drinking water. 

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