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Alkaline Water pH Test Kit
Reagent Drops

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What is the pH of the water you drink or your drinks? Is you alkaline water ionizer still making alkaline water? Use this ph test kit to check. Many customers make the mistake of using pH paper to test water and end up getting the wrong reading. The Reagent drops on the other hand are designed to test the pH of water; not pH paper strips. In most cases your ionizer may still be making alkaline water, but it always helps to check every once in a while. I have had customers who were getting ready to purchase a new water ionizer because they wanted to make sure that they were drinking alkaline water. This alkaline water testing kit is a much cheaper way of checking.  If your water ionizer is not producing alkaline water give us a call before you make a rash decision and purchase another ionizer. Our systems are built to last, and most times the solution is not necessarily getting a new system. Please note that all the water ionizers that we sell come with a water testing kit, so it is not necessary to purchase one at the same time you place your order for a new system. This pH Reagent drops comes with pH color chart on the bottle itself. Simply add 2-3 drops into small amount of water in glass container.

Is the water you drink Acidic or Alkaline?

 Use our reagent test kit to test it

Alkaline Water (Reagent) pH Testing Kit

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This pH Reagent drops comes with pH color chart on the bottle itself. Simply add 2-3 drops into small amount (one once) of sample water in glass container. Our kit lasted over a year in which used it several times even in our children's science projects.

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