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Use ionized alkaline water for internal consumption for you and your pets. Alkaline ion water also called Microwater, Restructured, Structured water and most recently Kangen water is healthy because it creates a suitable balance in the level of acidity and alkalinity in the body. Alkaline water is the most effective and simplest way to remove residue acid waste from body tissues. This yields great health benefits.


You should drink no more than 1/2 of your body weight in ounces, on a daily basis. Useful for the following conditions

a.   Unusual gastrointestinal fermentation: drinking alkaline ion water on an empty stomach is effective.

b.   Constipation and stiff shoulders: drinking an hour before meals is effective.

c.   High or low blood pressure: drinking on an empty stomach or one hour before eating is effective.

d.   Diabetes: drinking three cups or more of alkaline ion water on an empty stomach is effective.


Compared to conventional methods of preparation, the use of ground coffee, tea and juices are greatly economized. Because of the absorbability of this water you can use less ingredients.

a.   Tea: makes the color of the tea vivid, lessens its astringency and makes it mellow and delicious.

b.    Coffee: imparts the strong aroma and mellow flavor. 


Helps to bring out the real taste of the food, resulting in sufficient flavor even when the amount of seasonings is reduced by as much as 1/3 from the amount used in conventional methods of preparation.

a.   Cooked foods: the flavor of the food is brought out well and the food is tender. Enhances the taste.

b.   Cooked fish: the meat of the fish is firm and the shape is maintained.

c.   Steeping, washing and parboiling green vegetables: the green color is maintained because the chlorophyll does not change, giving the prepared vegetables vivid color.

d.   Cooking Time: reduces the time needed for cooking, thereby reducing  fuel cost. Alkaline water boils faster.


1.   Animals and pets:

a.   Can be used as drinking water to maintain their health. One customer told us that after his cat started drinking alkaline water made by his Orion water ionizer his cat stop needing water shots from the vet. We have never heard of such a thing before. Alkaline or "Micro" water as it is also called is smaller and is therefore more effective at hydrating cells.

b.   Reduce feces odors.

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