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Vesta GSF Standard Biostone Replacement Filter Cartridge
For use with the Vesta Water Ionizer

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The Alkaviva Vesta GSF Standard Replacement Cartridge Filter was previously called the Vesta BioStone Filter. The GSF Standard filter  is a GAC (granular activated carbon) filter which facilitates throughput. It has fiber filters, calcium, and tourmaline layers to provide a revolutionary filter performance. The filter improves water taste and reduces odors. It is particularly effective in removing chlorine and adding calcium. (Important Note: This filter is a different size than the BioStone Plus; used in the Athena or Melody. Remember this Vesta GSF Standard filter cannot be used in any ionizer other than the Vesta.) Available in U.S. and Canada.

Please note that there are now several filter options available for your Vesta water ionizer. Please see these options below. 

The Vesta was created by partnership between Samsung engineers and Emco Tech - the manufacturer with the most efficient and powerful, high quality ionization technology in the world. The result was THE next generation Vesta GL ionizer. With the most advanced features and technology, and backed up by Emco Tech/ Samsung durability and performance. The Biostone Vesta cartridge filter will leave your water clean of impurities and vibrant.

Vesta GSF Standard Biostone Replacement Filter Cartridge

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Vesta GSF Standard Replacement Filter



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