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 Acupeds® Detox Foot Pads
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Acupeds Ingredients

Acupeds Detox foot pads are the premier foot pads in the United States. We have received confirmation from our customers on this who have tried other pads and mention that they prefer Aqupeds. As you can imagine we are approached by several companies to sell very inexpensive their foot pads, but we have decided against them.

Over 10 million Detoxification foot pads are sold each month in Asia and their popularity is based on the belief they can help your body combat fatigue, improve circulation, increase metabolism, enhance quality of sleep, reduce topical pains, release and remove toxins, and to generally develop a healthy, clean and more energetic presence.

Why The Focus Of Acupeds Is On The Feet?
medicine has held the view for centuries that toxins go downwards in the body during the day. They are then deposited away from the vital organs, in places such as the feet. Eastern medicine also understands that toxin accumulation leads to many degenerative diseases. For example, painful rheumatism and arthritis are caused by acidic toxin fluid gathered in the joints. Click here see the reflexology points of the feet. There is an Asian expression that says aging comes from the feet. In Western foot reflexology, the feet (also called the 'Second Heart') are seen as holding the essence of all our major organs, with over 60 acupuncture points on our soles relating to the major organs in the body. Generally, the top third of the foot relates to the organs in the top third of the body, the arch relates to the organs in the center of the body and the heel to the organs in the lower third of the body

Toxins accumulate in our bodies from a number of sources. These include chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the food you may eat, polluted air you may breath, impure water you may drink and stress reactions from our busy, modern lifestyles. Millions of chemicals have been produced and thousands are now used commercially every day. What follows the intake of toxins is often weakness, pains, disease and sickness. It is very important that toxins be regularly expelled from your body for continued good health.

You Detox Options
Helping your body to detoxify can be done in many ways. You can use over the counter herbal cleanses, fasts and specific diets backed up with supplements and medications. All of these when used under the guidance of a professional can be immensely helpful. In all instances of cleansing drinking lots of alkaline water will simply multiply the effectiveness of your efforts in a positive direction.

Acupeds work while you sleep - efficient, effective, and all natural.
However the most difficult toxins to remove are those that attach to your tissues, such as heavy metals (arsenic from water, mercury, lead, platinum etc.).
Chelation is a possibility for decreasing toxic levels of mercury (from dental amalgams and fish consumption), arsenic and lead. But a much simpler and effective way to help with toxins could be to apply detox foot pads to the bottom of your feet. As Acupeds are topical there is no worry about adversely affecting another part of your body.
With Acupeds nothing goes into the body. Yet toxins are drawn out.

Acuped Description
If this is the first time you are using Acupeds here is what you do and can expect. You attach them at night (using the adhesive patches that come with each order), by the morning you will see the white dry pads have changed to a dark, moist brown or black and may also smell.

Each Acuped detox patch comes packaged with a simple-to-remove adhesive patch so that they can be kept in contact with the skin. Acupeds can be attached, where there is pain or health issues to remove toxins from that area. At the same time they should be applied to the sole of the feet, for maximum detoxification.
detoxify heavy metal platinum, mercury etc
How Long Will It Take To Detox?
Depending on the individual, the detox period may be for two or three days to two or three weeks, or longer in the case of more severe disease or toxic build up.
Results, however, will be immediate and obvious when the pads are looked at the morning after.

As your acuped pads warm up, the pores in your skin open allowing the accumulated wastes to be drawn out through the skin under osmotic pressure from the blood and lymphatic systems. They can be worn anytime but preferably at night. For eye problems, place on the back of the ears or on the temple, but not directly on the eye. For wounds and bruising (excluding cuts and eyes) the pads can be used to help reduce inflammation and pain. Apply a patch either side of the spine on the back of the neck underneath the ears but above the lymph nodes for mouth or ear problems.

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The statements enclosed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor.


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Acupeds Ingredients

What sets Acupeds apart are its powerful ingredients

Achyranthis Radix
Used in traditional medicine as a cure for rheumatism, pains on the knee and back, genital troubles, antidiuresis and covering marrow. Protects against body chills, preventing gray hear and regulating menstruation. Promotes blood circulation and reduces edema.



Agaricus Mushrooms from Brazil
agaricus mushroom
AAO certification proves the quality of our special Agricus mushroom. These organic mushrooms are naturally grown under powerful sunlight in the fertile red clay of Brazil without any artificial agents. Beta Glucans is known as a potent factor in natural cancer control. It is a steroid that has been used to assist in the regulation of cancer cells and is exceptional source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Agricus mushroom has also been described as improving the blood circulation from the effect of the infra-red ray Beta-glucan and Polysacchides that it contains.

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Artemisia lwayomogi
Used in restoration of liver and intestine, protection of eyesight, prophylactic chemotherapy, suppression of carcinogenic substance, extinction of cancer cells, suppression of cholesterol, strengthening of blood pressure, action of immunity, removal of fever, protection of liver disease, woman's disease, etc.



Caragana sinica
Used for neuralgia, urarthritis, fluor, hypertension, vaginitis, etc. Also seen as a preventive or curative response to bone decalcification and osteoporosis.


Loquat (Japanese medlar) extract
The Loquat leaf contains malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, tannate, carotene, vitamins A, B and C. loquat extract It's leaves and kernel contain amygdalin (amygdalin is otherwise known as vitamin B17, or laetrile). It promotes the secretion of body fluids and has antitussive, expectorant, antiemetic properties. It has 3000 years of history in moxibustion therapies and has been used extensively in Buddhist medicine. In India it has been called the king of herbal medicine


Mokcho Powder
The end product of wood distilation - contains about 800 organic compounds with significant amounts of Ca, Na, Fe, Mg, Zn and SOD. Mocho sap radiates natural far infrared ray (FIR). When Acupeds are applied to the skin, you can see the change in color as certain waste substances are absorbed.


Mugwort extract
This is widely used as a herb medicine in the Orient. Helps to make the human body warm without being dry and is used by herbalists as help treat nervousness, insomnia and to stimulate the liver and as a digestive aid etc.                                                                          

Paeoniae Rubrae Radix
Improves blood circulation and suppresses constipation, colic and abdominal pain. Used to treat harmful bacteria and relieves hepatodysentery and temesmus, etc



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Pearl Stone
Made from crystalline igneous rock and used to improve fluidity and absorbability.


Platicodon Grandifloumplaticodon
Principal herb in Chinese medicine for diseases of the lungs and throat, and is commonly used for inflammatory conditions of the eyes, ears, and sinuses. The herb has a strong expectorant and antitussive effects and is included in many cough formulas.



Saururus Chenesis
This is the first plant to grow at the bombsite of Hiroshima. The leaves are used as a poultice to clean abscesses and boils. In Chinese medicine Saururus Chinesis is considered an anti-oxidant which helps in a variety of health conditions. It is used for counteracting poisons, relieving muscular ache, chronic fatigue, skin beauty and overall health


Siberian Ginseng
Used for myosalgia, ankylosing arthritis, promotion of blood circulation, blood control, glycemia control, diet, promotion of metabolism, neuropath cure, stroke prevention, etc.




Tourmaline is best known as one of the only minerals to naturally emit far infrared heat and ionization. Only purest grade tourmailine is used in Acupeds which creates a resonance in the body that vibrates at the same frequency as water. Tourmaline exerts a cleansing energy on our nervous system. This has a stabilizing and cleansing effect.







Tree Essence or Wood Vinegar
This high quality product contains over 200 natural raw materials. Quality woods and bamboo are used including oak trees grown at Naraken in Japan. All come from a renewable source of wood that is harvested in an environmentally friendly way. From ancient times in Japan, wood was burnt and the art of making charcoal by wood distilation was developed. From the charcoal kiln, smoke billows upward. When this smoke is cooled and condensed, a thick brown /black liquid results. This liquid is raw pyroligneous acid (wood vinegar). This acid has been shown to warm the body, activate the skin, moisturize and act as an antibacterial.

From this raw material, further refining is carried out to remove the tar and any other undesirable elements. The result is a beautiful liquid of a pale yellow color (very weak tea). This liquid is then aged for up to a year to produce the final high quality wood vinegar that can be consumed as a health tonic. It is condensed five times and contains no synthetic vinegar or starch. After the initial extraction process, the extract is dried for a period of six months. It is then filtered four times using the highest quality Umbamegashi-Binchou Charcoal . It is then dried one more time for an additional six months before it can be considered for use. This process yields a very concentrated extract with an extremely high level of purity. Wood vinegar and bamboo extract are naturally condensed 5 times until both become a powder. This drying phase lasts for a period of over 8 months and makes for an exceptional purity of product. Then finally this essence, after a last quality control test, goes into the Acuped Detox Foot Patch. Additionally, the quantity of this powder for this product has been increased from a conventional 3.2g to 4.0g. Other food pad products contains starch powder in order to maximum profit and also differ in terms of quality of ingredients and length of preparation.


If a tincture of iodine is added to the sap sheets in order to test the purity of the products.wood vinegar Product from company A(KINOTAxxxx) and B(Netteruxxxx) will change their color, but Acuped DeTox Foot Patch does not.

Research conducted by two Japanese doctors over a 26 years period have unlocked a beneficial mystery behind the longevity and homeostasis (enhanced state of wellness and resistance to disease) of trees. They showed Tree Essence has tremendous absorption qualities and a positive effect on many functions of the body.

Tree Essence, or pyroligneous acid, is a sap extracted from tree cells. It exhibits exceptional permeability and sterilizing properties. Dehydrated tree saps infiltrate, absorb, detoxify, and sterilize. This is the basis of their ability to assist in disease prevention through reduction of body toxicity. The Eucalyptus tree, for example, is probably the most powerful antiseptic in its class as ozone is formed upon exposure to air. It has a proven disinfectant action destroying unhealthy flora and microbes. This tree grows to over 350 feet and is amongst the tallest trees in the world. To provide enough water to it's upper most part, it has an amazing capacity to absorb water.

The tree ability to purify large amounts of ground water through the roots into high quality water transported into the trunk and leaves, as well as harnessing the absorbing and detoxifying power of the wood sap, made the sap a natural ingredient for human use. It radiates a fine fragrance and has a sterilization effect to its surroundings.

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