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Softening Cartridge

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Our softening cartridge is from ResinTech who offers a complete line of cation exchange products for domestic softening including fine mesh resins, highly crosslinked resins, coarse mesh resins, low crosslinked resins and macroporous resins.

Softening resins are widely used to remove hardness ions from water. Hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium cause hard water scale on piping and plumbing fixtures , prevent soaps from suddsing and cause soap scum to stick to tile and other bathroom surfaces.

Our softening cartridge employs a specially prepared household grade resin called CGS with high operating capacity. CGS is a dark colored, high capacity, gel type sulfonated polystyrene cation resin supplied in the sodium form as moist, tough uniform spherical beads. CGS and all other ResinTech softening resins are available with the WQA Gold Seal approval and certification to the ANSI/NSF 61 Standard. It is manufactured and tested to be taste and color free so that the initial installation and start-up is simplified.

This filter fits the standard 10" filter housing units.
Filter dimensions:  Height 9.78" Diameter 2.75"

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Softening Cartridge Filter

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Softening Cartridge Filter


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