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Whedon Handheld Shower Hose Kit

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The  Whedon Handheld Shower Hose Kit is has a simple fixed action showerhead. It is ideal for small bathrooms like those found in a trailer home. You can make your children love taking a bath by simply installing the Whedon Handheld Shower Hose Kit. Most children don't like taking a bath because the regular shower fixed on the wall is above their heads and water comes down and runs over their head and makes it hard for them to breathe while taking a shower. For this reason some children tend to use the lower faucet which is almost never filtered. This practice exposes them to all the harmful effects of the chlorine and other contaminants in the water. They drink the chlorinated water as well as breathe it in while taking a bath.

The Whedon Hand held shower hose kit gives your child the opportunity to have a completely healthy experience while taking bath. You can connect the hose kit to any standard shower pipe or shower filter. It also allows them to target areas of the body like the back without being drenched from the head with water from the regular showerhead, making it hard for them to breathe.

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