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Blue Green Algae

"Saturate your cells with all natural super nutrition"

E3Live Frozen Blue Green Algae

E3Live is the World's First and Only Fresh-Frozen 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA).  It is hard to find something in a bottle that is better than this. E3Live is 100% Vegetarian, Certified Organic and Certified Kosher. E3Live is the ultimate green, live and natural food on planet earth. E3Live is a whole food containing over 64 nutrients that are 97% absorbed. It has one of the highest concentrations of chlorophyll of any food. For more information click on E3Live

E3AFA Dried Blue Green Algae

E3AFA is the capsulated version of E3Live. It is also 100% Vegetarian, Certified Organic and Certified Kosher. E3AFA is the most nutritionally dense product in a capsule or powder form. convenient and delivers exceptional nutrition. For more information click on E3AFA

StemEnhance Adult Stem Cell Therapy

StemEnhance represents the first of a new class of nutritional supplement being referred to as Stem Cell Enhancers. StemEnhance is the first patented all natural nutritional supplement that has been proven to increase the release of adult stem cells from your own bone marrow into the blood. Folks you no longer have to go to Mexico to get a shot of someone else's stem cells.  This is an awesome product we use it daily. For more info click on StemEnhance™

E3 BrainOn

E3 BrainOn™ is a proprietary extract from AFA that contains a significant concentration of phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA also known as the "molecule of love" - is naturally produced in the brain, especially when we are in love or experiencing intense happiness and joy. PEA has been shown to enhance concentration, attention and create a feeling of well being. When taken daily, E3 BrainOn™ may increase the quality of your life. BrainOn comes in liquid, flakes, and capsules. For more information click on E3 BrainOn














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